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Turn Your Goals Into Reality With Theresa Forever

Sep 27, 2021

We all have a natural tendency to try and avoid things that we see as painful or hard (can I get an amen?)! This is especially true when pursuing big, long-term goals that we've been dreaming about for years and this is why so many people give up on their dreams before putting in the work to see them come...

Sep 20, 2021

Ever feel like you're like life is passing you by and you're not making as much progress as you thought you would? Well, this episode is your antidote!

Instead of complaining about how far behind you feel let's create a plan that will help you move in the direction you want to go and finally create some PROGRESS!


Sep 13, 2021

It can be so easy for me to pump out episodes about goal-setting, improving your focus, mindset management, and everything else but what fun is that if you don't know (and I mean really know) the person behind the mic, right?

So let's switch it up! In this episode I'm sharing 3 surprising things you probably don't know...

Sep 6, 2021

If you've been around for the last few years you have heard me share time and time again about the power of goal-setting and how using it effectively can literally change your life!

You might even remember episodes like Behind The Scenes: Summary of My First Quarter where I literally took you behind the scenes and let...