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Turn Your Goals Into Reality With Theresa Forever

May 16, 2022

Today we're having a super dope conversation with my friend Cara Harvey from The Purpose-Driven Mom podcast! She is a gem! She's no stranger to this show so you may remember her from previous episodes and guess what...SHE WROTE A BOOK! Crazy right? I know. I'm so insanely proud of her!

And like many of you, I wanna know how this woman who is a mom of 3, school teacher turned businesswoman, and committed wife found the TIME to write this full-blown masterpiece (called a book) which is titled The 15 Minute Formula! (You can get a copy here!)

Here's a spoiler alert...she wrote her entire book working only 15-mintues a day! Yep! Lol, you're gonna wanna hit play!

Full show notes: